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Vite Plugin Web Extension

Modern Chrome extension development powered by Vite

Vite Plugin Web extension

Build Files Listed in the Manifest

Point the plugin towards a manifest.json and the extension will automatically discover and build all the files listed in it.

Lightning Fast Dev Mode

Automatically open Chrome or Firefox with the extension installed. Supports HMR to iterate on your UIs quickly, and watch mode to rebuild content scripts on change.


Frontend Framework Support

Add any frontend framework's vite plugin to use that framework anywhere in your extesion, including content scripts.


Cross-browser Support

Easily customize your manifest.json to build for multiple different browsers.

Manifest Validation

Make sure you've entered all required fields during development.


TypeScript Support

First class, out-of-the-box TypeScript support with no additional configuration.

Create a New Project

To get started, bootstrap a project from scratch!

pnpm create vite-plugin-web-extension
yarn create vite-plugin-web-extension
npm create vite-plugin-web-extension

Released under the MIT License.